4 Way to Support Small Businesses

Small businesses now more than ever, are having one of the most difficult years staying afloat. Many have been forced to close their doors during the last two years as their revenues have plummeted. Some attempt to reopen but even now, it is difficult to get people to purchase or even come into their shop. What can they do to keep their business afloat during these precidenting times? They desperately need the support of their community, friends and family to help them. Below are a few tips you can use as a consumer and help them do the best they can during these pressing times.

Ezra and I supporting a local Family owned restaurant.

1.) Making A Positive Impact: The pandemic has affected our economy in more ways that we could have ever imagined, and while we can’t stop it from occurring, we can choose to spend our money at local businesses and give them a chance amongst the big chain stores. When you shop small, you are helping the money you purchase stay within your community. One of my favorite local shops to support are small coffee shops that bring in locals to enjoy coffee, meet neighbors, or simply provide a safe location to be productive.

2.) Support Communities: Family-owned businesses create local jobs for those who are needing a fresh start or improve what was once a hobby into a full-time business. This has been the case for an LA barber, Jeff Villenas. He owns Picasso Scalp Micropigmentation and has been in the hair industry for more than 8 years. He has evereal clients, established a reputation as one of the most skilled and seasoned S.M.P. specialists in the region, and won several international awards for his work. His scalp micropigmentation in Los Angeles offers a non-surgical treatment for baldness in many forms. Men and women of all ages can have a more full looking head of hair with this procedure and a dedication to have you feeling great and looking your best.

3.) Promote On Social: It used to be that the fastest way to get word around about a new business in town is word of mouth- however with the fast past of social media, that seems to be the easiest way to do it! Promoting a quick share on a business Facebook post to your followers only takes a second to click, share and post. The same goes for reposting on your Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or any other platform you have. Another idea would be to write a review about them on your channel and ask your followers to subscribe, promote and share their business as well. This is the fastest way to not only grow their clients but keep them afloat from month to month.

4.) Customers Come First: There is something special about taking pride in every sale and personally getting to know every customer who walks through the door at a small family store. Small business owners truly love their customers. I love finding local coffee shops to enjoy while traveling, not only to find new flavors of coffee, but to enjoy the ambiance and observe the regulars who come in. It’s easy to go to Starbucks, but when you make a conscious effort to visit a local coffee shop instead, you’re helping not only that business, but your community, too.
As we move forward, helping to support small businesses can be critical to keep your favorite shops open, especially as we are still facing a global pandemic. Do your best to share these shops on your favorite social media websites or via word of mouth. See if you can grab a gift card or do what you can to keep their dream alive. Your support matters.

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