5 Tip to Help Your kids Adjust To Moving

There are times sooner then later that families find themselves in the midst of having to pick up their belongings and move. As disruptive as this can be for parents, it could be even more traumatic for your kids, depending on when and why you are moving. Although parents may not think it, kids can really need and use the time and attention during this big transition. In order to help get them adjusted to the idea and then the actual move itself, there are some helpful tips to help everyone feel better about the decision.

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  1. Why Moving – Many kids thrive on a schedule and routine, mine especially. If you and your spouse are considering making this transition, think about the benefits and cons that go along with uprooting your family. Think of the comfort that you’ve established in your neighborhood including the social life for your kids, the school and your neighbors. If your family has had a recent life change such as a death or divorce, perhaps a move may be something your kids need time to adjust with and you should work through that first before adding this to the scene. Perhaps the decision to move is out of your hands because your work is making you change jobs for a transfer. Even if you may not be happy with it, try to have a positive attitude because your kids do watch your every move. It can greatly affect your child rne in more ways than one because they do watch what you are doing. Rest assure that you are fine and talk to them about any reassurance they may be needing it.
  2. Talk About It – Regardless of the why, which is a big deal, the most important thing to help your kids adjust to moving is talking about it with them. Give them as much information as you can as soon as possible so it doesn’t come off as a huge shock at the last minute. Talk with them in a place where you aren’t distracted to give them your full attention and help answer questions truthfully and fully. Be respectful and share the positive and negative reactions to the answers. Your kids want to be involved in the planning as much as possible to make them feel as if they are apart of this big decision. Let them. If you are moving to a new house, allow them to help look at the homes if you can and see their new schools. This helps make the change not as scary as it may seem in their head.
  3. Younger Kids – If your kids are younger than 6 it can be helpful to make things as clear and simple for them. Sometimes it’s helpful to make a story to use trucks or furniture to act out what’s going to happen. When you put things in boxes, assure them that they are not being thrown away but safe keeping in a box to move to the new home. If you are able to visit the new home, bring them with to help them see where it is, where their school is and even if they can see where their new room is. If you are in a transition phase of potty training, try not to make any big changes until after you move.
  4. Teenager Children – I know this is a huge issue for your teens who may be acting in a rebel mood because of the move. Your teen has probably invested a lot of energy and time to be in school groups, activities and social relationships. A move could mean that they are also not able to make a prom or homecoming dance they were so excited to attend. See if they could still try to do it if they are within a few miles from the school. It’s important to listen to them and hear their concerns. After the move, considering visting the old neighborhood again if you can.
  5. During The Move – While helping your kids adjust to moving can be easy or difficult, as stated before, it can be hard on you as well. To help you in this tough situation, hire someone to help make the move easier on everyone. If you live in the Nevada area, one reputable company is called Muscle Movers LLC Las Vegas. When it comes to these long-distance company in Las Vegas company, they go above and beyond to make it easy for you such as helping you pack, box and tape your belongings so you can watch your children. If your new apartment does not have an elevator, don’t worry as the movers will help delicately bring your items and provide you with assembly and disassembly services if you need it. They are there to help save you time by handling the heavy lifting for you so you have time for your family. They help keep your belongings safe and secure and complete your move within three to four hours!
    While this is a huge transition for your family, especially your kids, the biggest takeaway from this move is making sure that everyone feels confident, secure and as exciting as possible for the new change. Do all you can to listen and be there for your family during this time. While the moment may be daunting, it’ll be beneficial for everyone in the long run.
Image: Muscle Movers LLC Las Vegas

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